Sample Policies

Commercial Property Plus

Provides coverage in the event of direct or indirect losses excluded from all other policies of insurance, including deductibles and excluding acts of terrorism. Premium is based on commercially purchased insurance premium.

Contingent Liability

Provides coverage in the event no other existing insurance policy will provide coverage. Also provides for the unavailability of a required manufacturing material or substance, whether it is unavailable due to a natural event or an intentional act by a third party.

Cyber Risk

Provides coverage for costs of data recovery and eliminating computer viruses. Also, coverage is provided for all expenses related to extortion by an individual with plans to damage software or data, and loss of income for related events.

Employment Practices

Provides coverage for any loss resulting from a wrongful act. A wrongful act may be actual or alleged: termination, demotion, failure to hire, defamation, breach of an implied employment contract, discrimination, and/or harassment.

Inventory Obsolescence

Provides coverage for any loss resulting from a product that cannot be returned to a supplier and has not been sold in a given period of time (i.e. 24 months).

Loss of Key Customer

Provides the insured with coverage for overhead expenses associated with the loss of a key customer. Premium is based on revenue produced from key customers and overhead of insured company.

Regulatory Changes

Provides coverage for business interruption as a result of legislative changes affecting permits and/or changes to import/export laws and tariffs. Also provides coverage in the event of the collapse of foreign government or the freezing of assets of war. Coverage also provides for changes in environmental, zoning, transportation and safety regulations.

Workers’ Compensation Deductible Buy-Back

Reimburses paid losses under commercial workers’ compensation programs, subject to all applicable commercial deductibles.